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    What is horn speaker?

    What is horn speaker?

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    2018/08/12 11:48
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    Horn speaker's working principle is similar to the electrodynamic cone loudspeaker. Diaphragmof horn speaker is in ball shape mostly,of course other shapes can be found too. The mainly difference between horn speaker and other loudspeaker is the way of sound radiation. Both cone speaker and dome speaker radiate sound by vibrating the air around directly, we call it "direct radiation".But horn speaker send sound vibrated by diaphragm through horn, this is called “indirect radiation”.The advantage of horn speaker is with high efficiency and low harmonic distortion. Also horn speaker has strong sound direction. But the bandwidth of horn speaker is narrow, so the low frequency response is poor. In a loudspeaker system, horn speaker acts as a midium and high unit.
    Minsound specializes in production and R&D of various products including tweeter,alarm
    loudspeaker, horn loudspeaker, high power driver unit,etc.